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Davagh Enduro


Davagh Forest


Sunday, 28 June, 2015


08:00 to 18:00



About the Event

Davagh Enduro is designed to be a laid back day out on the bike with that added benefit of real time timing system.

New for 2015 automatic timing so no stopping to swipe at the start/end of the stage. Davagh Enduro will be electronically timed meaning when you get to the finish your time is printed straight away. The timing system is on your wrist and the rider passes through a beam to initiate timing at the start of the stage. When the rider passes through the beam at the finish the timing stops until the rider gets to the next stage.

The event itself consists of 5-6 timed stages within a loop of the Davagh Forest Trails. The links between the stages can be ridden slowly at your leisure there will be no limit for the time taken to get to the next stage. So you can recover for the next exciting stage and hit it fresh.

Contact and Booking

All enquiries regarding entries to Event Organiser Michael Regan Email: mreganmtb@gmail.com Telephone: 07760162599

For more information about Davagh Enduro, click here.

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