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Become a master with the spanners!



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Fixing bikes is normally easy and don't believe anyone who says otherwise!

We meet lots of people who are afraid to get out the tools for fear of making things worse and so they end up spending a fortune at the shop or just letting their bikes get progressively worse until they totally stop working.

Rock and Ride have two maintenance course options.

The 'trail maintenance course' will teach you all you need to know to never have to walk home from a ride again inside a totally practical half day.

£150 per group (up to six people).

The 'more maintenance course' covers the rest including taking and replacing any part of your bike, bleeding brakes and tuning everything perfectly in a full day session.

£250 per group (up to four people).

This option is also perfect for organisations with fleets of bikes who want to learn to self-maintain them.

These courses are designed to be brought to you or your organisation, all you need is a suitable venue and Ian brings all necessary tools and teaching aids.

There's more info here https://www.rockandrideoutdoors.com/mountain-biking/maintenance/

Or give us a shout.

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Rock and Ride Outdoors

9a Tullyree Rd Kilcoo

Directions from Newcastle: Follow the signs out of town for Tollymore Forest Park. Drive past the Forest Park entrance up to a T-junction in Bryansford village. Turn left and proceed up through the village passing a garage on the right and a shop/P.O. on the left. Continue on this road for approx 1 mile passing Tollymore Mountain Centre on your left. 500 yards beyond the Mountain Centre there is a right turning signposted Kilcoo (Tullyree Road).

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