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Jargon Buster

New to mountain biking? Not quite up to speed with the trail lingo? Use this helping hand below!

Full Sus
This is the short term given to a ‘full suspension’ mountain bike which has both front and rear suspension

This is the name given to a mountain bike with no rear suspension

The name given to mountain bikes with larger (29 inch) wheels

This refers to narrow trails designed to be ridden in one direction

A trail that allows for two users to travel side by side or to pass each other. Doubletrack trails are often old forest roads.

Raised timber sections, usually used where trails are built across boggy ground a.k.a Boardwalk

Technical Trail Feature (TTF)
An obstacle on the trail requiring negotiation; the feature can be either built or natural, such as an elevated bridge or a rock face.

This is the name given to a steeply banked corner

Rock garden
This refers to a section of rough stones and/or large boulders

An access point to the trail system that can be accompanied by various public facilities including car parks, toilets and information signs etc

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