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Callaghan Cousins Continue to Excel at EWS


Round 2 of the Enduro World Series has finished, leaving both Greg and Killian Callaghan sitting in 2nd position in their respective categories.

Both men were delighted with their results, but bad crashes for both of them lost precious seconds in the world's biggest Enduro competition.

Greg, who had a nasty fall on the second stage which he bounced up from, took a longer tumble on the seventh stage which he believes cost him the first place spot.

Killian meanwhile had a fall on the second stage that snapped his hanger and led to his jockeywheel falling off; again costing precious seconds.

Both cousins will no doubt now be keen to sustain their incredible record as the EWS comes to the Northern hemisphere. First stop - Madeira, Portugal on the 13th and 14th May.

Watch Killian and Northern Irish Wide Open rider Kelan Grant RideNorth to the MTB trails in Northern Ireland.

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