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Free Red Bull with Campbase Adventures at Gortin Glen Forest Park MTB Trails


The kind people at Red Bull have, as part of celebrations for things beginning to open up again, have sent hundreds of cans to Gortin Glen Forest Park, where trailhead providers Campbase Adventures are looking after them.

It is well known Red Bull are a huge supporter of mountain biking, with events like Red Bull Rampage and Fox Hunt's being two of their major events.

If you're visiting the trails at Gortin, stop by the team at Campbase Adventures and pick yourself up and energy boost for the day for free.

While you're there, the team can also help you with advice on the trails, bike hire, uplift and - starting soon - a special 'Beginner Deal' where they'll give you all the basics on how to mountain bike and where you're best suited for going in the forest. 

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