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The 5 Advantages of Trailhead Providers


People often hear the term ‘trailhead provider’ and assume it’s only relevant for anyone that doesn’t have their own bike.

In fact, trailhead providers are an excellent resource for anyone, whether you’re a newbie mountain biker starting out, or a seasoned pro wondering about the latest developments locally in MTBing.

In this month’s blog, we look at what trailhead providers around Northern Ireland offer.


1)     Bike Hire

This is the most obvious benefit of trailhead providers. It goes without saying that they’re there first and foremost to ensure you have a suitable mechanical steed to take you out into the wilderness of your local trails. For beginners, this is often invaluable, particularly as they’re getting their feet (or pedals) as they’ll also offer the expertise on what to expect on the trails themselves.

For those a little longer in the tooth in the MTB scene however, bike hire from trailhead providers offers a great opportunity to try out a new fleet with a potentially newer model than what you’re currently riding. Or, if you’ve never experienced the game changing experience of an e-bike on your usual dreaded hills, they’ll save you having to fork out thousands of pounds to find out what the difference is.


2)     Uplifts

Although not available from all trailhead providers, an uplift service is a God send if you’re planning a long day on the trails and you’re not looking to pedal all day. “Up hills” are a part of mountain biking as much as downhills are, but that doesn’t mean you have to ignore the helping hand of the trailhead providers.

Uplifts are currently only available at Gortin Glen Forest Park MTB Trails from Campbase Adventures.


3)     Trail conditions

Sometimes mother nature reminds us that we enjoy the trails only at her pleasure, and will throw the occasional flash flood to keep us humble.