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Vitus First Tracks Enduro Cup to Return to Gortin Glen Forest Park


The 2023 Vitus First Tracks Enduro Cup will kick off with Round 1 at Gortin Glen Forest Park MTB Trails on Sunday 2nd April.

The stages will include Youth & Challenger, Enduro and E-Bike.

The Vitus First Tracks Enduro brings riders to some of Ireland's most iconic mountain biking destinations, and is targeted at intermediate to advanced riders.

Riders must hold a Cycling Ireland race license (or equivalent) or purchase a one day license when entering.

The Enduro will also include a 'Gortin Glen Gravel Grinduro' on Saturday 1st April, which is intended exclusively as a fun day out with friends (i.e. not a race!).

The 30km route has a mix of 60% gravel, 35% tarmac and 5% singletrack.

The route also includes an optional timed section that grinds all the way to the Giant at the top of Mullaghcarn - a leg burning prospect!


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