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Forme Coaching becomes DigDeep Coaching


From 15 April 2013 DigDeep Coaching becomes the new name for established coaching company, Forme Coaching.  The team are delighted to announce the name change and will continue to build on developing individuals worldwide with passion and drive to make improvements in cycling and triathlon. 

Why DigDeep Coaching?  ‘We’ve all heard it.   Love it or hate it, it’s what you have to do at that crucial moment when one more climb on your first sportive might break you, making that attempt to bridge the gap in a road race, going to your limits pacing the ultimate time trial or even holding onto the fast group in a local weekend club run.  You have got to dig deep.’ says Dan Fleeman, one of the Directors of DigDeep Coaching.

The same unrivalled passion and experience remains throughout their team of coaches which is made up of current or ex professional athletes in triathlon and cycling.  As a client of DigDeep Coaching you not only acquire the knowledge on how to train but also gain advice and support from coaches who have experience gained by their success and challenges.  Madison-Genesis, the new UCI  Continental team managed by Roger Hammond understand the importance of structured coaching for his team enrolling the coaching services of DigDeep Coaching.

Client goals range from those targeting their first 100miles to completing London to Paris to the competitive rider targeting a stage race.  Coaching is one aspect of the journey, hence why DigDeep offer additional services which include nutrition, bike fit, performance testing, swim analysis, powermeter rental and much more.  

This year sees DigDeep as the official coaching partner for the Tour of Britain Tour Rides which takes place this September in Stoke and Scotland, currently open for entry.  The company will help riders focus on preparation before, during and after each of the rides with free webinars, specific entrant advice and regular updates as to what they need to be thinking about and when.  A further expansion of the business includes developing training plans in conjunction with the world reknown indoor training video company, Sufferfest.  For those who are limited to training indoors, these plans will help maximise time with structure to achieve gains.  More information on this to come!

2013 sees the DigDeep team continue to develop their relationship with American customised clothing and retail cycling and triathlon clothing company, Pactimo.  With unrivalled service in the form of their online store concept for clubs and teams, innovative clothing and competitive pricing, Pactimo are making their mark already.  Further launching of their UK retail store in February this year marries in with their strategic focus on the UK for 2013.   Stephen Gallagher, Director of DigDeep Coaching commented, ‘We are delighted to be partnered with Pactimo, they are professional to the core and provide a great extension to the services already offered by our company.  It is an exciting time to bring a clothing brand Dan and I as ex-professional cyclists highly advocate after many years of wearing cycling clothing.’

The team look forward to helping you all DigDeep!

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