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Cycling Ireland Mountain Bike Leader Award Coming Very Soon...

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Rock and Ride Outdoors

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Rock and Ride Outdoors have been delivering the highly successful and internationally recognised MBLA Trail Cycle Leader Award for a couple of years now with many participants coming through the scheme to attain the qualification. It's the certificate required if you want to guide and lead groups on Mountain Bikes so is essential for many Outdoor Instructors or indeed anyone who wants to take out clients off road.

The TCL is the basic level award, perfect for leading beginners and intermediate riders but slightly limited in its use in terms of terrain, elevation and remoteness. We are delighted to announce that the Advanced Level Mountain Bike Leader Award will be available soon for leaders who want to work with better riders in more challenging terrain. When Cycling Ireland wanted their top level qualification developed they turned to Rock and Ride Outdoor's own Ian Bailey to adapt and write the course.

Taking the framework of the existing and highly acclaimed Scottish Cycling MBLA, Ian re-wrote key sections to strenghthen and improve them in order to have the new MBL course verified and signed off by Coaching Ireland. The result will be the most robust qualification available for instructors looking to lead groups in extreme terrain, mountainous and remote areas. There is a strong emphasis on personal riding ability, coaching and teaching and obviously the leadership and decision making skills required to lead clients in difficult environments.

Cycling Ireland and Ian have worked extremely hard to meet the 'Advanced' criteria demanded of an 'Advanced' award by Coaching Ireland. What this means in reality is that it will be a demanding and difficult to attain qualification and that the holders of the Cycling Ireland MBLA will rightly be viewed as the most capable MTB leaders around. The pilot course, observed by Coaching Ireland and Cycling Ireland went extremely well with just a few tweaks to be made which means the finished product will be ready to deliver by early 2014. If you want to become part of an elite group of top level Mountain Bike Leaders who hold the Cycling Ireland MBL award then the first step is to contact ian@rockandrideoutdoors.com for more details.

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