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With over 137km of fantastic mountain biking trails combining with a long standing reputation for incredible hospitality, its no surprise that Northern Ireland has literally burst onto the mountain biking scene over the previous few years. This interest has grown exponentially, with journalists from all over the world coming to Northern Ireland to experience the trails.

The global pandemic in 2020 only furthered the interest in mountain biking, as it provided a fantastic outlet to exercise and lose yourself in nature at a time when there were few other things to do. Figures indicate that growth in mountain biking during this period was between 25% and 30%, and higher still in some places.

Here we have listed some useful tips as to how your business can make the most of Northern Ireland's reputation as a 'must visit' MTB destination. 

Meet Mountain Bike Enthusiasts
Before implementing any marketing tactics it is important to recognise and understand who mountain bikers are;

  • Professionals generally aged between 25 and 50 years old (i.e. older than you may initially expect)
  • Sociable with a good sense of humour
  • Prone to travelling in groups
  • Internet savvy - quite often plan their trips online weeks in advance, and combing the internet to find special offers
  • Higher than average disposable income but also seek value for money
  • Prioritise convenience, comfort and security of their bikes above all else

Give people a reason to visit you
Make no mistake, the main reason for MTB trips will be the trails themselves so it is important to give your target market tangible incentives to encourage them to visit your business and/or stay in your accommodation. 

  • Provide second-to-none facilities - download our Guide to Becoming Mountain Bike Friendly or check out Tourism Northern Ireland's Welcome Scheme which includes a specialised section for those hosting mountain bikers.
  • Create mountain bike specific offers to entice visitors - the more creative the better 
  • Collaborate with other local businesses to package meal and accommodation offers
  • Collaborate with event organisers to host post-event functions and/or event accommoation packages

Tell people what you've got
If you offer a great service for mountain bikers don't foget to tell them about it. Know your message, highlight your key selling points and make sure you are heard. 

  • Use strong mountain bike imagery on all online/offline marketing - Email info@mountainbikeni.com and we're happy to share plenty of high res imagery for your social media or website.
  • Contact MountainBikeNI.com for advice on reaching mountain bikers in certain areas
  • Highlight your MTB-Friendly facilities across all marketing platforms
  • Boost your search engine ranking by referring to your local trail by its official name e.g. Rostrevor Mountain Bike Trails 
  • Hyperlink your local trail to its specific page on MountainBikeNI.com - this will help your search engine optimisation
  • Get your business listed on Google Places - Find out how 
  • If you are using social media platforms, make sure you create specific content to engage mountain bikers 
  • Communicate with your customers before and after their visit re: ongoing offers, review link to Trip Advisor etc

Check out some of these 'Best Practice' examples to give you a steer in the right direction. 

Keep up to Speed
Northern Ireland's new mountain bike trails present a variety of opportunities for local business. Make sure you are aware of all the various events and/or promotional opportunities arising in 2014. 

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Help is at hand
The MountainBikeNI.com team is only too happy to provide support to private sector businesses who wish to offer added value to the mountain biking product in Northern Ireland. Please drop us an email to info@mountainbikeni.com for more information!

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